Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Semi-somnia – A New Breed of Sleeping Disorder

It is not insomnia per se, but it almost feels like it. A new breed of sleeping disorder is plaguing millions of people right now without them fully realizing it. You and I could be suffering from semi-somnia, an almost insomnia-type of sleeping disorder attributed to work stress and exposure to technology.

The symptoms of semi-somnia are also almost like insomnia, inability to get full solid sleep at night. People with this disorder in particular have too much on their minds that they tend to wake up every now and then and think once again. This disruption of sleep is most common among people who can't leave work at the office and just worry about work-related stuff even when at home. The tendency to overload the brain with too much thought can leave a person increasingly worried about work that sleep becomes elusive.

Another probable cause of semi-somnia is the excessive exposure to radiation. While most people do their work using the computer, they also tend to break using it: surfing the web, Facebook and tweeting. This is believed to decrease the melatonin in the body, making it harder to sleep.

To combat semi-somnia, we are advised to leave work at the office and set your eyes to better sights. It is also good to limit computer and mobile phone use at home. Do not answer work related messages at night as much as possible to unload the brain with too much thoughts and worry.

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