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Omega XL Review - Benefits and Associated Side Effects

Omega XL is one of the most highly concentrated mussel oil extract products available and has been widely used in various joint diseases and other health conditions. It has a diverse range of benefits that make this an admired product in the realm of pain supplements

Rare formula:

Through meticulous research, a method was developed to isolate and identify a natural marine lipid extract comprising a rare combination of lipid groups and Omega 3 fatty acids and the green lipped mussels used in Omega XL are screened prior to harvesting to identify those mussels which are rich in free fatty acids.

Best extraction technique:

Omega XL is the only Omega 3 product from the green lipped mussel using high pressure processing technique for product's extraction. Most forms of mussel powder available commercially are derived from steam opened mussels and with this process heat destroys the beneficial properties of the green lipped mussel.

Unadulterated outcome:

Omega XL is comprises a unique combination of different non-polar lipid groups and Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which are extracted from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel by way of a patented super critical fluid extraction process using liquefied CO2, thus the extracted products resemble the purity, efficacy and potency level of raw mussels.

No major side effects:

Omega XL is free from any major side effects that their counterpart allopathic medications frequently have. On some occasions, a person may have some abdominal discomfort after consuming fish oil, especially when taken empty stomach or taken in large amount in bolus form. However, this kind of event is very rare with Omega XL due to the paramount extraction process and the overall protection from oxidation. To prevent the chances of side effects, it should be taken in divided dosages and with meals.

Leverages overall health as well:

The Omega-3 fatty acids are converted into a class of compounds called eicosanoids (e.g. prostaglandins), which have numerous functions in essential organs in the human body, including the heart, joints, blood vessels, and the brain.

  • Consuming even moderate amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids reduces the rate of first heart attack by about 30%.
  • In patients that have had a heart attack, Omega-3 fatty acids appear to reduce the frequency of fatal cardiac arrhythmias, thus minimizing the chances of sudden cardiac death
  • Omega-3 fatty acids reduced joints and bony pain and also promote joint mobility in arthritic conditions.
  • In the blood vessels, Omega-3 fatty acids prevent the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques, which can lead to “hardening of the arteries” and heart disease.
  • Omega-3 promotes healthy levels of triglycerides to provide cardio-protective effects.
Customizable dosages:

Generally 2-8 capsules can be taken per day depending upon the clinical state and severity of the joint symptoms.

Acceptable drug interaction profile:

Omega XL has not been known to cause drug interactions with majority of the medications; however it is best to check with your doctor before starting its use.

Little maintenance:

Omega XL is recommended to be kept at room temperature or below and out of direct sunlight, with as little humidity as possible. This is enough for this powerful product to remain potent and effective for 2 years.

Long shelf life :

Omega XL is certified to be at optimum qualify for two years if kept at the recommended temperature and humidity levels.

Discount offers :

Omega XL is on the free spree and on purchase of 1 bottle of 60 soft gel capsules, another bottle is gifted free of cost. That means huge savings while gaining health benefits.

Shell fish free:

Omega XL can be comfortably used by persons allergic to shell fish and products containing it.

Video testimonial section:

The website comfortably includes a video testimonial section which shows content users recommending the usage of Omega XL.

Social networking activity :

Brand of Omega XL has its active presence on various social networking sites e.g. Facebook, twitter, Flickr. This indicates to the fact that the promoters are innovative and move ahead with time to make their users aware of the best deals and enhance their knowledge about the product and its effects with every opportunity.

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