Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Fast track to Safe Weight Loss

It's never easy to lose or maintain weight. Nowadays, weight is such a sensitive issue that a lot of people approach it with caution. Some go through great lengths just so they can address the issue in a politically correct manner when the issue should be addressed in a straightforward manner. So this here guide to safe weight loss supplements is going to be the most straightforward guide you'll ever see. If you want complete and honest information when it comes to safe weight loss supplements, read on.

Calcium Supplements to Lose Weight
Yes, calcium is proven to help lose weight. It's very safe since the body actually needs it more than any other supplement especially if you're a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. A lot of studies have proven that people who supplement with calcium fared better when it comes to the weight loss challenge. There is a slight difference if you use calcium supplements as compared to actual dairy food. However, adding calcium supplements to your diet is only going to have a positive impact on your health. One of the possible reasons why supplementing with calcium can help you lose weight is that it is proven by research that people with enough calcium in their diet do not experience constipation. Calcium is sometimes thought of as a mild laxative. So if you want a surefire way to lose weight and keep your bones healthy, calcium supplements are your best option.

Green Tea
Green tea extracts are helpful for dieters around the globe. A lot of people speculate that the reason behind Chinese, Japanese, and Korean women's slim physique is due to the fact that they consume copious amounts of green tea. They take green tea as if it's their water so even if there isn't enough data behind the slimming effects of green tea, a lot of Asian women swear to green tea's slimming prowess. It's completely okay to down copious amounts of green tea, however, make sure that you take a multivitamin so that you don't flush out all the important nutrients in your system as well. If green tea is not your thing, make your own milk tea at home so that you get all the goodness of milk and tea (a great weight loss combination!) without all the added sugar that milk teas in cafes have. 

Fiber Supplements

Fiber supplements, whether in pill or good old powder form, can help you lose weight by eliminating all the toxins in your gut. The downside (or maybe the upside) of taking fiber supplements is that you have to up your water intake. If you take fiber supplements but don't get enough water in your system, you're going to end up with a constipated body.

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