Thursday, 29 May 2014

LIERAC Hydra Chrono Anti-aging Hydration Refreshing fluid Reviews

LIERAC HYDRA CHRONO Anti-Aging Hydration Refreshing Fluid for Normal to Combination Skin will help to get rid of those crow's feet and wrinkles from around the eye area, and make them less visible.
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The matte-effect texture of this fluid cream offers skin-perfecting results from the very moment of application. Hydrates up from within and will leave your skin feeling flawlessly smoother and wrinkle free.

What benefits will you notice?

1. The aqua-pump technology combines with moisturizing agents
2. The matte-effect ingredients give skin-perfecting results
3. Helps recover the dull skin
4. Reactivates the natural hydration process
5. Plumps up the skin for feeling perfectly hydrated & smoother
6. Skin appears wrinkles less visibly

Customer Reviews: Lierac Hydration Refreshing Fluid

There are many positive and few negative comments I found on this product.
A customer commented on that - This is lovely. Nice to apply, gives effective moisturisation without greasiness. The mattifying effect lasts all day under make-up. Doesn't irritate my eczema. Can't fault it.
Another customer commented on that - A few years ago I worked for lierac and fell in love with their products but moved to the west coast and it's hard to find so I was really excited to find this. The smell is the same but the consistency is off and caused a little reaction to my skin. Products just might be very old or they are very great knock offs (package dead on) most likely won't buy again.

Do I recommend it?

Well it's hard to find many negative customer reviews on this product, but I must say it's also hard to find any information about the ingredients of this product and how does this product work? Although many people say that it worked for them but I personally do not prefer to use a product without checking it's active ingredient's list or how it functions to combat anti-aging.

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  1. I got this product because it has a long list of active ingredients that help reduce age spots. It does help reduce the fine lines, not totally, but enough to be noticeable. I haven't had problems using this with my sensitive skin even with all the active botanical ingredients, which is a good thing. I'm not sure yet if I'd get this again, I may keep trying to find something else that isn't so tacky feeling.


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