Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Perfect Curves Review: Does it Really Work?

Perfect Curves Breast Enhancing capsule and Gel overview:

Perfect curve claims to be an effective proprietary blend of natural ingredients. The product is known to be available in gel and capsule form, both claiming to comprise of organically grown herbs that are known to balance the female hormones, which in turn is responsible for breast enhancement and an increased well-being. The Gel is known to restore the hormone balance within the body by stimulating tissue production within the breast, without causing any kind of dryness to the skin.

The product is known to maintain a balance in the hormone levels and provide an encouragement for natural breast growth. The gel form of the product is known to have a safe and soothing effect on the skin, along with firm breast enhancement.

Moreover the product states about 90 day money back guarantee and gives a descriptive ingredients list plus all the offer related information. Yet it lacks on some points like clinical proofs for the effective working of this product.

perfect Curves Ingredients Capsule:

The Product makes huge claims regarding the capsules effective working, based on the following organic and natural ingredients:

Cnicus Benedictus: A native of the Mediterranean region, this plant has been used as a galactogogue for promoting lactation. Cnicin 0.2% is known to be a crude extract present in this product. This ingredient in combination with fenugreek is known to raise lactation in nursing mothers. It is also known to provide relieve from pain associated with the menstrual cycle.
Dandelion Root: An ingredient used for treating breast cancer, PMS symptoms and various female disorders. It is also known to deal with issues like yeast infection and excess weight gain in women.
Damiana: A shrub known to restore the vital energized of body. The shrub treats the unbalanced hormones thereby bringing back the essential energies. It is also known to treat the mammary gland and play an essential role to increase the sex drive.
Dong Quai: Also known as female ginseng, this ingredient is known for balancing the hormones, there by supporting breast enhancement. This ingredient is used in almost all female enhancement products as it improves glandular activities and blood circulation.
Passion Flower: Passion Flower is a well-known calming agent, and an antispasmodic. It is even a great anxiety and fatigue reliever.
Sabal: An ingredient known to increase the size of mammary gland, along with assisting thyroid in the process of regulating reproductive organs.
Wild Yam: Wild Yam is the ingredient responsible for balancing and stimulation of female hormone production.
Red Raspberry A know ingredient to erase menstrual problems like headache, nausea, cramping, acne etc. It strengthens the whole female reproductive system.

Perfect Curves Ingredients Gel:

The ingredients known to make perfect curve gel effective are discussed below:

Wild Yam Extract: This ingredient contains saponins, known to be a precursor to progesterone, which is the key hormone for breast enhancement and development. It is known to promote safe, effective and natural breast growth by working on improving the hormonal balance.
Black Cohosh Root: A Hormone regulator, for maintaining the hormone imbalance, is also known to promote natural breast growth in women. The root of this is also known to be used in traditional medicine for increasing breast milk production.
Burdock Root: A fatty acid rich ingredient, known to play a vital role in the development of new breast tissues. Burdock root is known to be vital for a permanent and healthy breast growth.
L-Arginine: A powerful vasodilator responsible for increasing blood flow, and for efficient and effective ingredient delivery.

Does Perfect Curves Work?

Hormones such as estrogen, prolactin, progesterone and GF compounds are responsible for breast tissue growth. Improper utilization and balance of these hormones creates a number of complications such as moodiness, breakouts and most importantly poor breast development, thus giving a small cup size. Perfect curve capsules are known to stimulate the production of vital female hormones, resulting in the growth of new breast tissues. On the other hand Perfect Curves breast enhancing gel gets absorbed through the woman's skin and helps in the production of GF compounds, within the breast tissues. The gel comes with natural progesterone working wonders in balancing the hormones.

The gel and capsule when taken together claim to give best results.

Perfect Curves Side Effects:

The product claims to be highly effective with no side effects but user reviews for these products have shown certain mild side effects especially with the gel. It is known to give mild irritation and redness few hours after application.

One side effect that may be caused with the perfect curve pill is noted to be frequent periods.

Perfect Curves User complaints:

There were customer complaints regarding the money back guarantee of this product. The customers were not responded for money back guarantee even after mails and calls. There were complaints regarding the fake advertise and policy of this product also.

Is Perfect Curves a scam?

Well, the official website provides all the necessary details about the product and its ingredients and working but still it seems to be a scam according to the reviews for this product. As there are so many reviews stating unsatisfactory money back guarantee and multiple purchase offers.


The product claims to be highly effective and has huge claims along with very many customer complaints. Plus the product offers no clinical trials to prove its effectiveness and has very few satisfactory results.


  1. Well this product never worked for me. :(
    If anyone has tried something else that really work please share with me.

  2. Hello Scarlett,

    I also had tried this product with no positive result. After that I switched to Clevastin The Natural Breast Enlargement System.
    I used this product for about 4 weeks and the result was unbelievable. Now my boobs are not only bigger but also rounder and softer.

    Thanks to Clevastin. :)

  3. I know these are working since I have a twin sister and she's not taking them and my chest has gotten larger. Took a little bit to see results, then one day I saw my sis when we all went to the beach and WOW! She is a bit jealous so she's gonna try to catch up.

  4. 90 day money back guarantee, but I did get it. I went for its gel and tablet too, still both did worked for me. You can go for this, but I can’t say that it is a product for breast enhancement.

  5. I used Perfect Curves for 6 months and my breast got so big I now only use the cream twice a week and the pills every other day. All my friends still think I got implants but I just used Perfect Curves exactly like the instructions said and was really surprised by the results.

  6. This is the only product I have ever used, does what exactly it claims to do.
    Really great product!

  7. This product is great! I didn't think breast enhancement was possible without having to go under the knife. I'm happy to report that not only do this product work, they work GREAT!


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