Friday, 13 September 2013

Three Simple Ways to Regain Sleep and to Stop Insomnia

When we are very young, we always want to hear a bedtime story from our parents before we go to sleep. As child you mostly have a dream of a wonderful land in which you are a prince or a princess. But as we grow up you rarely have these wonderful dreams. Not having a dream is not a big problem but the problem started when you even don't have a sleep.

You try to sleep, go to bed, but you still have your eyes wide open even in the late night hours. You want a magic to happen so that your mind is free and you are sleeping on the soft cloud with a silence in your mind and in the peaceful environment. But this never happens to you.

The reason of not having proper sleep may be due to stress, or busy, plus hectic life schedule, or not having proper diet and exercise. If you regularly fail to sleep it can also lead to Insomnia. So here we are suggesting the 3 Simple Ways to Regain Your Sleep and to Stop Insomnia.

1. Avoid alcohol at night time:
Many of you may think that having a small glass of wine will make you to sleep long and will make your mind free from the stress. But this really doesn’t happen. The reason is that it reduces the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep is the sleep time when you are in a dream means your mind/brain has really relaxed and the brain is also sleeping and doing no job, not like your heart which always beats even when you are sleeping. So avoid alcohol at night time.

2. Have a bedtime routine:
This is just like a time table of your class which mentions that this lecture starts at this time and ends at this time. So for sleep also make a routine chart and try to follow also. Such as you will not play games or watch TV late night. You will be going to sleep at this time and will wake up at this time, will do some light exercise in the morning before rushing to the job. Make it!! Because this is really going to help you.

3. No over work than your to-do list:
Already I mentioned that you must make a routine time table. In that timetable make one more note that you are not going to do over work which you had not mentioned into your chart. Sometimes it is OK; that you have to complete your work anyhow on that day only. But making a habit of doing this on a daily basis is wrong. It will not only make you to have sleep problem, but will also make you to have several health issues.

After you finish reading these 3 simple ways, you will surely say that this is really a simple way to Regain Sleep and to Stop Insomnia and now am going to follow it!!

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